Write Epic Shit : Revisiting Content Marketing

June 13, 2017
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Not long ago, I came across (Fizzle) Corbett Barr’s saying “Write Epic Shit!” and it instantly got me thinking…”Is that all?”

All these years of enigma behind ‘generating traffic for your blog post‘, ‘increasing visitors for your blog‘ etc. stands shortly when compared to a simple logic – to write epic shit.

Therefore, I decided it’s time to help my visitors revisit their content marketing strategy.

So what’s this epic shit all about?

Quoting the author – “Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.” – Corbett Barr

So what’s the big deal about creating something epic? Well, it’s just that the web is so full of sporadic mediocre crap written out of haste and in the subliminal presence that somewhere, readers end up reading the same old content in different blog spaces.

This brings me back to my most dreaded question: is reading such content really worth it?

The ultimatum of any content marketer is to make sure that his/her content is well received and makes an impact on the reader’s life. For instance, when I came across Neil Patel’s blog of The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content That Will Go Viral, one thing that I noticed was how he implied that users look for viral content but not for content that’s epic.

Therefore, it’s time to revisit our content marketing and make it classy by writing epic content, don’t you think? 

How to get started with writing epic content?

“Epic Content” stands tall when compared to viral feeds. Luring readers to your article/blog through epic content not only interests them on a personal level but also gives them an expanse to learn and explore more. It drives a sense of respect and gives you a much larger scope to expand your business into.

Before I dwell further, here are some basic key points you must remember before you start writing epic content.


Epic Means Defined Target Audiences

Writing epic content comes from the ability to set a group of defined target audience and to address their needs through content marketing.

Always remember, you cannot write for everyone. Your article/blog/content is set to address and appeal only to a group of audiences from this vast majority of website users.

This naturally means setting up a set of target audiences is extremely important.

Epic Means To Be Personal; Connect

Writing an epic content doesn’t involve addressing to an audience’s question. It cue is to connect.

A thousand other websites; presumably your competitors are out there to address queries. However, if you are looking to stand out from the lot, the cue is to connect mentally and emotionally with what you have to talk about.

Always remember, content marketing is not about knowing; it’s about sharing.

Epic Means Not To Help; But To Inspire

Writing an epic content doesn’t come out of impulse. It’s an experience that requires considerable practice and tremendous practice to reach the top.

An epic content should address the following:

  • Does it reach out and connect with the audience. 
  • Are the needs of readers directly or indirectly addressed?
  • Does the content make a mark in the readers mind?
  • Will it make a reader come back into the website to read something more?

Addressing to user scenarios is one part of the journey. However, user retention and the ability to inspire them to revisit is what makes a true content epic!

Drive Admirable CTA

Call to Actions are essential to content marketing. However, the question is: do you know where to initiate them? 

Initiating a call to action in your content depends completely on the nature of your writing. The ultimate aim should be to not push your users towards a button but to seamlessly take them over and give them motivation to use it.

Framing Epic Content

Framing epic content gives you an unbeatable chance to revisit content marketing. The ultimate goal is always to win customers with less marketing strategies.

According to content marketing institute, 6 principles of framing epic content include:

  1. Answering an unmet need of a reader.
  2. Render a consistent communication with readers.
  3. Give a human voice to your words.
  4. Provides a point of view in your details.
  5. Stands apart to drive an actionable need.

To achieve this, one must keep in mind what is ultimately required to set an epic content.

This includes:-

Think and Explore

Irrespective of a B2B or a B2C company, every content that you start composing must be well thought and explored. An average content doesn’t really take you anywhere on the globe. To make a mark, understand the dire needs of your readers and come up with an idea that can suit them.


Addressing issues in a new style gives you a standard that’s pretty hard to beat. Quite frankly, blogs are written between 1000-2000 words. However, the key to epic content is to invent something new with every blog post.


Readers visit your website for a purpose. Therefore, no matter how innovative, incredible your content turns out to be, it should serve its ultimate purpose. Defining the needs of audience.



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