Things To Know & Do While Visiting Singapore

January 31, 2017

Singapore, Asia’s most sought out tourist destination, has its own umpteen list of “to know’s” and “to do’s”. Having lived there for nearly 1000+ days and exploring the nook and corner of the city – I decided, its high time I help out other travel lovers with the most necessary details that you ought to know about this beautiful city!

Therefore, here’s this blog, precisely covering 10 things that every tourist must know and should do while visiting Singapore.

The last couple of years, I  have seen a lot of friends, mutual friends, friends of mutual friends etc. coming up to me with one simple question – what places must I see when I visit Singapore? Well, even before you decide on the places that are a “must-see”, you must first understand these key things before you visit this beautiful country.

What Must You Do?

Plan Ahead Asia’s most sought after tourist destination is also one of the most expensive countries ever! Therefore, it’s always sensible to plan ahead and make a note of all the expenses that you would be incurring. Make a list of your segmented budget for accommodation, travel, food and shopping.

If you are an avid travel lover, who loves feeling at home while wandering, I would suggest that you book a room via Airbnb. With it’s amazing contacts, reasonable pricing and great hosts, it’s never let me down!

Travel By MRT Although its a relatively small country, Singapore is known for its unique buildings and amazing commute. For someone who likes to explore the life of Singapore, its imperative to take your train journey. The metro rails play a large part in the life of a common man in Singapore and if your intention is to explore the life in Singapore you should never miss the MRT!

Night Life at Clark Quay Clark Quay, is undoubtedly one of the finest spots that I have ever visited in Singapore! A personal favorite, Clark Quay has most of the top attractions around its vicinity. Brimming with charismatic night life, Clark Quay will never fail impress you! Sit by the riverside with a glass of mocktail and enjoy the lifestyle.

Did you know, drinkers pay the sin tax in Singapore?! In 2014, liquor tax was raised by 25% by the local government body. This means, booze comes at a price that may take a toll on your budget.

Visit Universal Studios Need I say more? Singapore is hugely popular for “Universal Studios”, a theme park in Sentosa Island, Sinapore. One of the best, without doubt – Universal Studios are the best entertainment space for movie/non-movie lovers. It spells fun in every nook and corner of its construction and is a mandatory visit for all tourists.

Head For Hawker Center Lets face it. You’re in a whole new country and you want to know what their food, style and living feels like. Hawker centers in Singapore are the best places that gives your a feel of their lifestyle.

You haven’t fully lived the life of a Singaporean until you’ve visited a hawker center and experienced their food!!

Not only is hawker centres the space for you to explore native lifestyle but also where you can able your hands into cheaper, quality food. A pretty good meal costs you around ($2.50-$5.00SGD) and a good drink can come within ($1.5-$3.00SGD).

Cultural Heritage Singapore, although a diversified nation has three paramount ethnic groups – Chinese, Malay and Indian. Owing to their cultural lineage, the Government of Singapore has preserved three major locates as a tribute – Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. These ethnic quarters have carried on the nation’s rich features with monuments and artifacts as a testimony to their ancestral origin.

These places are a must-visit for any tourist as it shows you the lands rich lineage. They are best accessible via the MRT/Bus/Cab.

Meander Around The Business District Sinagpore’s Central Business District is a majestic expanse located at the banks of the Singapore river. Occupied by sky-scrappers, the CBD (Central Business District) will leave you in absolute awe. If you’re travelling via MRT, step down at ‘Raffles Place” to get a view of this beauty!

What Must You Know?

On A Budget? Public Transport Is Your Key 

You have a budget to keep up with and don’t want to compromise on the city? Public transport is your key! Its the cheapest and the most useful form of commute and what more, they also have an incredibly amazing connectivity. To those of you who feel MRT is not you thing, you can try the buses instead!

Eating/Drinking Is Prohibited On Their Public Transport 

Taboooo! Yup, you read it right. Singapore is way too strict with its rules and its imperative that you never drink or eat when you’re travelling in their public transports. Thankfully, you’re allowed to carry them on the transit.

All Malls Lead To The MRT As mentioned before, Singapore has an amazing commute from all its major locations to the public transport. This means, all you have to do is just learn to follow the signs!! If you’re stuck at any mall and wondering which way to take, well, look around – there’s always a sign leading you on the right track!

Choose Comfortable Outfits Choosing outfits is one of the most imperative areas, a tourist must pay attention to. Having lived in Singapore and spending a healthy part of my life there, I have always realized sticking comfortable outfits makes my day. The country, as such, demands major commute by walk, therefore it’s safer to stick to apparels like denim, converse, cotton (its humid!) and of course, loads and loads of sunscreen!!

 Also, make sure that…

No Tipping Singapore doesn’t allow you to tip in pubs, restaurants, hotels or even in hawker centers for that matter! So, you pay for what you eat and not for the service!

You’re Tracked Singapore has a massive expanse of security cameras that literally monitors the movement around the city. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the city has a very low or in other words, non-existent crime rate. 

Do Not Chew Do not chew/sell/play around with gum in Singapore. So is spilling, spitting and littering too. 

Jaywalking First coined in USA, this rule is now widely popular in many other countries as a violation of rule! Singapore follows this too and by jaywalking it means illegal crossing of roads by pedestrians!!

Read it all? You now know what to do and what not to do!! So grab your notepad and start planning your tour. For more queries on Singapore’s hotels/malls etc. don’t forget to leave in your comments below.




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