How To Get The Most Visits Out Of A Single Blog Post

December 29, 2016

“Getting the most number of visits from a single blog post?!” Well, don’t look so surprised. It’s definitely difficult but surely not impossible.

A few days ago, when I sat down with my team of experts we realized one of the most important things – that focusing on a single post to trigger users into your website is way more lucrative than writing a gallon of posts and trying to keep them engaged.

Therefore, I probed into this a little further and realized the following areas where I (like any other online marketer) went wrong.

I leverage on too many mediocre content for my traffic generation.

I never carved a path to my incoming visitors – I got new visits, I made an impact and 2 minutes later, I was lost at the back of their brains!

I never bother to get in touch with them as I didn’t know precisely who visited my blog.

I took to traditional online marketing for exposure and never bothered beyond that!

Above all, I had a strategy but ignored to keep a timeline ready.

Sounds rude to say, but TBH, all my hard-work was absolutely useless.

But being an optimistic, I chose to look at this mistake differently – by correcting them!

So, ultimately I came up with these points that are going to help my readers gain the most visits to their blog from just a single, unique post!

Most digital marketing experts have been time and again insisting on creating a single post that can drive in humongous traffic.

So to tame things down – here’s what you ought to do to generate traffic/get most visit to your blog from a single, rather viral post.

Research For An Epic Topic

According to Brian Dean from Backlinko every industry is unique, with its own form of topic that can go absolutely viral.

This means, to know what type of content performs really well you have to study and make a profound research with keywords and headlines before you model a content for it.

Work On A Single Piece

A single piece of amazing content is worth ten mediocre crafted content.

Sit down, rack your brains with all your research feeds and start penning down one, extremely indulging content that has the potential to make users go bonkers!

Set A Goal

Before you start, always remember to set down a goal.

Answer these three questions –

“Why am I writing this content?”
“Why do I need the most visits out of this content?”
“How will I retain these users?”

When you have an answer for this – you’re almost half-ready to get the most visitors!

Sound Dramatic

To get direct traffic to your website/blog post is quite simple – make sure you capture people’s attention with a dramatic, intriguing headline that makes them click your link.

Right?! Well, sounds easy – but is it?

Let’s put it this way – to make sure your audience react to your post, you have to etch you headline in a way that can trigger a reaction.

Next is to find out how you do that.

Thanks to technology, the art of practicing copywriting to make amazing headlines has now become easy.

For ex – this definitive guide to copywriting by Neil Patel gives you 10 tips that can change the way you look at copywriting.

According to experts – a definitive copywriter focuses on the following persuasion secrets.

Emphasize the benefits of a product over its various features. For instance, “Get High Speed Internet” drives in more action than “Get Internet With 50mbps Download Speed”

Make your copywriting as specific as possible. For ex – “How to increase your web traffic by 300%” brings in more interest and CTR’s than “How to increase your web traffic”.

Emotions are the key in copywriting : Use them religiously. Like – “Boost sales online” is a copywriting statement that triggers your attachment to your business. Now ask yourself if you would be tempted to click this?

Testimonials Speak : Always To say your product is great is a good thing – but, to make someone say your product is great is an amazing thing!

Remember that a lot of resources out there on the wide web helps in making you a better copywriter time and again. Leverage your time on them.


Many online marketers, including top digital marketing influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean believe in the power of online medium and channeling to drive traffic.

To ultimately drive traffic to your blog, the foremost thing that you will have to do is bring in traffic through all possible mediums!

This means, that you must relentlessly ensure that you blog post is channeled over through all digital platforms.

Digital platforms involve the following – Social media (cluster of Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram, Slideshare etc), Content Marketing (using backlinks), PPC Campaigns (social mediums), Email Marketing etc.

Monitor Relentlessly

Right now, you probably have answered all these (listed above) questions and are waiting to publish content online to increase visits.

Great! But, how are you going to figure out where these traffics are generated from?

Perhaps, if you have a million, not literally, ways of reaching to the audience, not all of them work right. Some lack, some don’t.

How do you figure the best and differentiate it from the worst?

You monitor!

Most preferably, the best monitoring tool is Google Analytics for any marketer as their products are legendary.

Now that I have listed all the primal features for traffic generation – are you ready to take this into action?

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