True Story – How I Got My “2” Month Old Blog Approved by Google Adsense

March 9, 2017

As a newbie blogger, I had this dream to get my blog “Google Adsense” approved as early as possible. However, what I did not have in my mind was that my “1” month old blog would get approved in the first go!

Like any other  upcoming blogger (who is dreaming big of course!) I went through numerous articles on the web to learn about the so-called “tricks” that can help me get an “Adsense” certificate for my blog. However, what I didnt realize was that beyond all these tricks and treats lies a very basic, common thing that Google looks out for ; that is – ‘Is your blog really worth it?!’

To my fellow counterparts, here’s my True Story on How I got my 1 month old blog approved by Google Adsense.

Let me start with my story line.

  1. Since we are speaking about legitimate things, I would like to be extremely honest with you all – I got my domain purchased nearly a year back!!
  2. However, the domain practically ended up to nothing!! (No webpage since I was busy working my heals off at my day job.)
  3. When time struck, I created a WordPress blog for myself with a theme that I felt was simple and classy.
  4. Next, I wrote 6 different articles in 3 different categories and published them on my blog.
  5. I pitched it to a couple of friends of mine who took the initiative to check it out and left some comments, very genuinely.
  6. I digged into a couple of blogs on the web to find out what it takes to really get your blog Google Adsense approved.
  7. After really a lot of blogs, I decided to take a plunge and registered my site on Google Adsense.
  8. Andddd BAMMMM, 3 days later I get a mail saying I am in!!!

Now, I know this sounds simple to the T. However, having thought about it for quite sometime, I do realize that certain things were done in the right way. For example.

Quality of Content

My blogs usually carried content framed with 500 words at least. In addition, I ensured that my content was simple, easy to understand and most important of all – original!

When I did my research ; I realized that keeping aside your visitor traffic and unique views, Google always pays attention to the kind of content you write about. Therefore, the more unique and interesting you write, you scale higher in their rank for getting approved.

On Page SEO

Sorry guys but I couldn’t help myself! Being a digital marketer all while long, I can somehow never, ever write content that is not SEO optimized.

To me, it is imperative that you write a blog that is SEO optimized with proper meta tags filled in here and there!!

Blog Structure

This attribute is something that made logical sense to me. Google’s Adsense approval most importantly looks at the way your blog is structured.

Typically your blog structure must consist of :  a nicely spaced-out header, readable content area, a proper sidebar and a footer to go with it all.

To make sure your blog is structured well, run it amongst a few trusted source and ask them the following questions:

  1. Does the blog structure look neat and attractive?
  2. Is your content readable?
  3. In less than 10 seconds, can your sources understand what your blog is all about?

If your sources reply positively to these questions, believe me – Google would too!


Let’s face it. Not all the images/text shared on your post is taken by you. Some are credited to an unknown source who has casted it on the web. Therefore, it’s imperative that you credit these sources to avoid plagiarism.

Use images that are extremely relevant to what you write. Should these images be yours, ensure you watermark them with your digital signature before publishing them online.

Google always wants something classic, new and innovative from its sources – therefore, originality or proper credits is always the key.

Root Domain Carries More Value

From what I perceived all this while, I realized that Google gives more value to your root domain and not to a sub domain.

For instance, I applied with my root domain – and not with any subdomain like – (see the difference?)

Unique Views

Here’s my trick – Google’s Adsense usually takes up to 3 days to get approved. This means, you have 3 solid days to really make a mark with them!

Here are a few things that I should have done before, but, did it only on those 3 days to increase traffic.

  1. Created social media profile (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to drive in traffic.
  2. Invited my entire bunch of connections/friend list to take a look at my blog and “like/follow” my page.
  3. Encouraged everyone to leave their comments on my blog post. (This means, people on an average spent a lot of time reading my blog – this naturally reduced my bounce rate!)
  4. Created an email popup to encourage subscriptions.
  5. Posted on LinkedIn Pulse and shared on my LinkedIn wall – (this means, I created an expected reach of ~900 connects from my profile)
  6. Ensured that all the work on the back-end was carried out to the T.
  7. Optimized my content with proper meta keyword tagging.

Mobile Friendly

Well, by this time I am sure most of you would have understood the importance of making mobile friendly content.

Google weighs your blogs presence on the mobile platform too. Therefore, ensure that you blog structure supports the mobile platform as well before applying for approval.

From what I recently inferred, Google’s Adsense approval has been quite on the liberal front the last couple of months. Therefore, personally, if you are looking forward to get it approved – this sure is the right time!

If you have any more doubts, please leave them in the comment section below. Happy blogging!!

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