Exploring Andaman: A Tinge of Island Life!

August 1, 2017

A 5 day trip that blew me off for its sheer natural beauty!!!

My trip to Andaman’s turned out to be a pleasant surprise, since it was planned completely out of the blue! A pure family expedition, I ventured into the island with my parents in the month of September, and ended up drenching myself amidst oceans, beaches and heavy rains!!

Today, for my fellow travel lovers – I am going to enlist important things needed to get yourself covered before you start your venture into this beautiful island!

It’s a sporadic/no-internet zone!!

Unlike other locations in India, the Andaman’s (although has facilities for “wifi”), will nevertheless not have access to internet or perhaps have sporadic zones accessible to internet. Therefore, any important business/personal commitments ensure that you have it all completed before you start your trip.

Sunscreen is a must (especially if you are travelling during summer)

It’s an island, surrounded by seas and humidity: beyond all the fun, one must always know to take care of his/her skin. A sunscreen is mandatory whilst you are travelling to Andaman’s.

Keep an eye out on comfortable clothing!

Carry dress that are light weight, made of cotton and perhaps a denim to keep yourself comfortable. The island is extremely humid, irrespective of your month of visit!! Along with your clothing, remember to pack comfortable shoes sunglasses and umbrellas!



Enticing places to visit at Andaman

Cellular Jail

The cellular jail, colonial prison a.k.a Kaala Paani is one of the most haunting memories of my life ever. Used by British to exile political prisoners from India’s freedom struggle, the prison daunts us beyond belief. The lights and sound show is a “must watch” as it encapsulates what these freedom fighters went through during their time in solitary confinement!

Havelock Island

A beauty enclosed within the seas!! Havelock Island is a 2-3 hour cruise ride from Port Blair and one of the most beautiful natural scenery ever. Built along the coastline, the island is mostly occupied by rural people and is famous for its sea food!

A place with no internet access, the cottages built along the coastline are mostly used by travellers to relax, take a dip at the beach and keep themselves away from the exciting city life!!



Radhanagar Beach

A beautiful destination on the Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach (see picture above) is one amazing spot that ought to be explored by tourists while travelling to Andaman’s.

The beach is also the home to rural shops that bring you authentic sea food and is worth every penny!

Ross Island

Next must visit spot on the island, is the famous Ross Islands, a British colonial destination. A 30 minute ferry ride, Ross Island is an impactful place as it shows, quite clearly, how the Brits lived and ruled our land.

The islands are usually closed on Wednesdays and on other days they work from 8:30 AM. On an average, with its multifaceted lookouts, you can spend close to 3 hours on the island. Therefore, plan well!

Things to do in Andaman

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

My most recommended to my fellow divers would be to take a dip into the mighty ocean with snorkeling or scuba diving! An adventure that totally left me in awe, it transports you to an entirely different world.

Being one of the most sought of adventures, most dive centers in Andaman ensure that the place and equipment are safe and proper guidance is given before the dive.

Interested in learning more about Diving packages? Click here.

Taste of Sea Food

You are in the midst of an island and what seems better than the taste of seafood?!

Take a tinge at the local market for seafood, especially their “Balti Fish and Prawn Gravy”!!

Local Life and Shopping

Last but not the least, shopping and exploring the local life at Port Blair is a one of its kind thing! The Andaman Handicraft Emporium and the Sagarika Government Emporium are one of the most famous centers to shop for especially if your looking to buy seashell articles and other souvenirs. Other shopping areas are located quite close by from Aberdeen Bazaar which includes Goalghar, Junglighat, Prem Nagar and Delanipur.

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