Best of “Bandung”(Indonesia) : Cover the most in less than $400 SGD

March 19, 2017

Set against the back drop of tea plantations and active volcanoes, Bandung turned out to be one of the most interesting places of my travel expedition!

Located in the West Java province of Indonesia, Bandung is known for its abundant culture, rich natural landscapes, amazing scenery, humble climate, incorrigible traffic, gastronomical tastes, punks and poets and unbelievable textiles!

We were a small group of 5 who went on a 4-day break with minimal budget only to get enticed with this beautiful city. Here’s a list of what we covered and how we ended up spending less than $400 to grab the best of this city.

Airline & Visa

We planned a 4-day trip to Bandung from Singapore – this means, our two-way flight cost/head summed to 168SGD.

After an hour of nerve-wrenching journey (since we were travelling via AirAsia!), we landed on this beautiful city to start our travel spins.

We were accustomed to an On-Arrival Visa entry fee of $25(US) which was non-refundable and applicable for a period of 30 days.


We absolutely owe our entire “stay” credit to Airbnb, when it comes to our accommodation. We had spend almost a month going through their site browsing homes and hotels to stay in Bandung and what we picked at the end turned out to be one of the amazing choices ever!

With just $39SGD (per head) we had for ourselves an amazing 2 bedroom suite and a classic porch with all daily amenities. The expanse was build across the landscape of tea plantations had a swimming pool attached with a amazing housekeeper!!


Sight Seeing

Since ours was an ‘let’s-keep-it-in-budget’ 3 day trip, we decided to visit only those places that we really wanted too! To make things easy, we booked for ourselves a city based travel tour (details given below at “expenses” section) who happened to show us the real essence of this vibrant city!

Tangkuban Perahu

30kms away from the city of Bandung, Tangkuban Perahu is a startovolcano and an amazing visual treat to tourists. It took an hour for us to hustle through the traffic and reach this magnificent attraction and all the effort was really worth it!

According to legends, the name, Tangkuban Perahu implies an upturned boat and holds a story on its own.

We took our own sweet time covering the perimeter of this active volcano pausing every 20 seconds to take amazing photographs! The coolest part is for shopping addicts though. The place also has its own private shopping stalls where you can grab some local stuffs as well.

Tea Plantations

Tea plantations in Bandung were covered next after our trip to Tangkuban Perahu. With an amazing climate to compliment our journey, we could only consider ourselves lucky to grab the best of this beauty! The area turned out to be more like a refreshment site and we couldn’t help but enjoy our time there!

An expanse of relaxing greenery, breezy whether and a walk in the field – Need i say more?

Although we took our private transport, tea plantations are one of the most visited spot in Bandung and therefore the city even provides public transport to help tourists visit them.

Kawah Putih

The most interesting tourist spot that we visited was Kawah Putih. Literally translated “White Crater”, the spot is a “volcanic crater lake”.


Surrounded by dense forests, the lake was an absolute beauty. To be honest, the journey to this spot took us more than an hour and we were, to a certain extent, losing our patience sitting in the car (due to incorrigible traffic)! We also noticed on our journey that the surrounding ares were slightly under-developed, therefore, we really didn’t have much thought on this spot. Nevertheless, we were completely bold over by the sheer beauty of this expanse!

The water was obviously “highly acidic” therefore, swimming was banned. The place had its own distinctive “smell” due to the mixture of sulphur in the water!

Nevertheless, it was stunning, gorgeous natural beauty and we were absolutely disappointed that we had to leave the place (we stayed for less than an hour, which was so unlike us!!) since our body was not adapting to the “smell” for a long time!!!!!

Kampung Duan

The next on my list is the stunning Kampung Duan. Bandung, known for its great food, gave us its sensational, in-house taste at Kampung Duan!

The restaurant was a beauty, not just for the food but for its location too. Set in a jungle, surrounded by mountains and dense forest, the restaurant was an expanse that literally goes “deep into the woods”!

The place, like all other tourist spots, took time to reach (nearly an hour again!). By the time we reached the restaurant we were famished and all we ever wanted to just get some food into our system. But, the sheer ambience of this restaurant was something that we never anticipated!

Although we had to wait for another 45 minutes to get a hut/table for us in this forest/restaurant, we absolutely loved this place. The food was incredible and the taste their “grilled fish” was just magical!!!

To those of you who are planning to visit Bandung, Kampung Duan is a must visit! Lookout not just for the food, but for its amazing landscaping too!

Strawberry Farms

The next best thing about Bandung is its amazing strawberry farms. We visited a smaller one on our way back from Kawah Putih but I am sure that the city would have had other large areas that were meant for this too.


The city is widely popular for its textiles and we visited two of its most popular factory outlets – Rumah Mode Factory Outlet and Passion Factory Outlet.


The outlets were a stunner and we absolutely loved our shopping!! The outlets had amazing outfits for men and women (irrespective of age) and being Indians (big family, thick friends, strong bonds!!) we ended up shopping not just for ourselves but for our entire household and close-knitsss!


As said earlier, we had booked for ourselves a city based tourist guide (Jacktours) which came close to 50SGD/head. (It included private car, an English speaking driver and a pickup-drop to the airport too).

So to sum it all up, here’s what we had spend (in SGD) :

($168 = airline) + ($35 = visa) + ($39 = accommodation) + ($50 = travel)  + ($100 – lunch/dinner) = $392 (SGD)!

Do you have more queries regarding travelling to Bandung?! Leave your questions in the comment section below. Will be happy to help. #happytravelling 🙂 

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