You can be a part of startup lifestyle, if you have these 5 qualities!

September 1, 2017
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Almost 3+ years into the world of startups, I have now realised, in retrospective, that I can vouch for some essential qualities if you are aspiring to be a part of the “startup lifestyle”.

I am an ambivert by nature, with my own share of experiences of meeting new people. To be honest, I didnt really have an urge to marvel. I liked being a part of the crowd, I liked doing what others did and quite frankly, I liked clapping hands and cheering when someone else performed!!

My first job, in a startup left me completely uncapped. I was an intern amongst a group of 10, mentored, monitored and recognised for my uniqueness. My life was as transparent as was my name in their website!! And guess what, I happened to love it all.

Today, looking back, I’ve realized I never took the road that others took. I didnt quite honestly make a mark for myself though, but I am now on the road less travelled and I couldn’t be more happier for my mistakes.

Deep down, being a part of startup lifestyle has become a niche for me. In fact, I personally think its because of some essential latent qualities of mine, that I had encompassed.

In my blog, I am going to point out 5 essential qualities that you should have if you are looking to be a part of startup lifestyle.

#1 You’re fine with not following the crowd

Not many out there, take the plunge into a startup. It’s a lifestyle that’s still not well-received by most professionals. Yet, it teaches you a lot more than what’s out there. If you are going to be a part of a startup lifestyle, you have to first and foremost, mentally prepare yourself for this challenge.

Be it starting your own business, or being a part of a startup team, your taking a leap of faith here. You might succeed or you may not. Yet, the journey is what that matters.

If you’re fine with this mantra, you probably have chances of surviving the startup lifestyle.

#2 If you believe hard-work comes before comfort

You have chances of attending calls as early as 6:00 AM or as late as 11:00 PM! You need to make peace with your sleep and your sense of time.

Startups are upcoming ventures that are fast, flashy and looking to carve a place in their industry. If all you care for is for a comfortable lifestyle, a 9-5 job, a day-shift with proper bio breaks, it’s hardly what you’ll receive.

#3 You’re not afraid of failures

You are going to be a part of something that you have no proof of being successful in the past. This means, your bound to see some failures over the course of your career. You’re going to end up making quick decisions which can either help you swim or drown.

#4 If you’re happy to learn something out-of-the-box

The best thing about a startup lifestyle, and this, I vouch for completely – is the ability to learn something new constantly.

You’re not going to be a part of the crowd anymore. Instead, you’re on your own and its time to stand up and show yourself what you are capable of.

Startup lifestyle brings you out of your comfort zone and places you in situations where you learn to think out-of-the-box.

#5 If money is the least of your concern

Yes, you do like to earn someday, but, your someday can wait. Right now, if your curious to learn, empower yourself and compensate on the remuneration – you can definitely try and venture into a startup life.

Now, let me be clear when it comes to compensating on your remuneration. This is an entirely subjective metric and varies from startup to startup. Yet, as a professional, if you are entering this domain, its always good to not bait on it. Instead, bait on what you are going to learn.

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