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Wayanad - Digodig

On road to Wayanad! Best places to visit and where to stay!

Amidst the natural beauty of Kerala, lies a hideout called Waynad that’s filled with lush-greenery, thick forest, enchanted wildlife and best food! My trip was quite recent and was taken via the road. It was an approx 12 hour ride from Chennai to Wayanad.…

November 7, 2017

Exploring Andaman: A Tinge of Island Life!

A 5 day trip that blew me off for its sheer natural beauty!!! My trip to Andaman’s turned out to be a pleasant surprise, since it was planned completely out of the blue! A pure family expedition, I ventured into the island with my…

August 1, 2017
epic content marketing-digodig

Write Epic Shit : Revisiting Content Marketing

Not long ago, I came across (Fizzle) Corbett Barr’s saying “Write Epic Shit!” and it instantly got me thinking…”Is that all?” All these years of enigma behind ‘generating traffic for your blog post‘, ‘increasing visitors for your blog‘ etc. stands shortly when compared to…

June 13, 2017

7 Super Effective Ways You Can Start Content Distribution

A decade of diversified marketing mechanics has given rise to a widely acknowledged strategy called content marketing. In the last couple of years, content marketing has seen a historic transformation, in not just targeting to the right audiences but in selling to them too. However,…

April 16, 2017

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google For Free

Interested in gaining more visitors for your blog? Building content in and around long tail keywords is the key! According to Neil Patel, “If you consistently publish in-depth content around long tail keywords, you’ll see an increase in search traffic, attract paying customers and grow…

April 8, 2017

Best of “Bandung”(Indonesia) : Cover the most in less than $400 SGD

Set against the back drop of tea plantations and active volcanoes, Bandung turned out to be one of the most interesting places of my travel expedition! Located in the West Java province of Indonesia, Bandung is known for its abundant culture, rich natural landscapes, amazing scenery,…

March 19, 2017

7 Reasons Why Driving Traffic Through LinkedIn Is Imperative

At its core, not many online enthusiast realize the importance of branding through LinkedIn. I, on the other hand, time and again believe that investing on LinkedIn is imperative, especially if you are looking forward to driving legitimate traffic for your brand/product/website. According to statistics,…

February 26, 2017

Things To Know & Do While Visiting Singapore

Singapore, Asia’s most sought out tourist destination, has its own umpteen list of “to know’s” and “to do’s”. Having lived there for nearly 1000+ days and exploring the nook and corner of the city – I decided, its high time I help out other travel…

January 31, 2017