17 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out In 2017

January 24, 2017

Year after year, digital marketing has been flourishing exponentially from its predecessor.

In 2016 we witnessed some of the top digital marketing trends ravenously feeding the digital world with its fundamentals.

From Jon Snow coming back to life, Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscars, Pokemon Go feeding on the youth, to the presidential election of Donald Trump,  Britain leaving the EU, Demonetization in India, Rio Olympics etc. world news in 2016 has thrived majorly due to the demographic reach of Social Media.

Likewise, in 2017, digital marketing trends don’t lag behind either!

Here is a list of 17 digital marketing trends you should look out for in 2017.

Crispy Content

Content has always, always remained and will continue to remain as the king!

Strong, crisp, well-written content will always click well with the masses. Generate content that not only attracts but also empowers the audience.

Here are 3 pics from my wide list of favorite copy-writing contents that spoke to millions with just few words!

Emotional Connect

Be it any form of product an emotional connect is imperative. As a brand you have to always be brave enough to test the waters with your theories.

For e.g. –  Coke made a campaign that speaks volumes about emotional connect. All it did was provide personalized bottles for your loved ones to signify their importance and banggggg they clicked!!



Never hesitate to take a plunge into the abyss. After all, if its clicks it’s going to bring in millions to your brand. If it doesn’t, well, you learn what not to do in the future!

Social Media

Ever since its introduction in 2004, Facebook has revolutionized marketing in the digital specter.

Today, a cluster of social media platforms are out there to help you market better and reach higher. For a decade they have continued their reign and they will continue too.

Social Tip :   Since social media marketing has become an unanimous medium for marketing, as a digital marketer its important that you understand the importance of standing out with your campaign!


Influencer Marketing

In 2016, a tremendous potential for Influencer Marketing was witnessed unlike ever before.

A Google survey done last year, witnessed a prolific increase in the influencer form of marketing over traditional marketing. Stunned?! Well, here’s my take on why this is prevailing.

47% of digital customers use softwares to block ads on the mobile front. This means that to reach out to these spectrum of audience, influencer is the key. Influencers are extremely powerful bidders as they have a higher retention rate than stale ads.

Mobile Ads

Quite contrary to what I mentioned above, it is extremely surprising to note that mobile ads are still in line. With a majority of brands increasing their social outreach every year, mobile ads can never go out of scope.

Predictions for mobile advertising has been phenomenal in 2016 and this is perceived to increase steadfast in 2017 as well.

This leads us to our next most effective marketing trend of 2017 – videos!


With YouTube, Wistia and other online video platforms creating a niche for itself – video (mobile or not) have become an upscale to digital marketing.

Videos are undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and interactive form of advertising for marketers, especially since they have the ability to keep an audience glued into their channel!!

As mentioned before, online video consumption for advertisers are said to increase lucratively this year too.

digital marketing trend


Interactive forms of marketing always click amongst consumers. Consequently, this form of marketing engagement isn’t relatively a new technique and at present, has become imperative in the field of online marketing.

Chatboxes have created a level of trust and personalisation among consumers especially in the e-commerce platforms. Chatboxes are primary served for the following –

  • Increase a level of engagement.
  • Provide personalised care and attention.
  • Make users feel special.
  • Effective tips, instructions and guidance.
  • Make the consumers have a pleasant experience.


Next on my list is the ability to attract a customer using another customer!

Reviews are one of the most lucrative forms of marketing that has been lasting since time immemorial. I once read on a marketing portal that “A good brand is not what we tell the consumer it is, but, what a consumer tells each other it is!

Quoting this, its essential to note that reviews make up a very profitable margin for marketing. Be it mouth to mouth or online reviews, everything sells positively.

Live Campaigns

Interactive, dynamic advertising is the go to medium this 2017.

An ardent follower of MadOvermarketing, I once came across Fevicol’s wittiest campaigns that just clicked! These campaigns capture live audiences with a sense of fun that any layman can relate too – this is precisely why live campaigns work!!

Check out this cool live video from Fevicol below.


Search Engine Optimization has been the prime index of digital marketing by virtue of its longevity. Although contemporary trends are far more advaned and quiker than SEO, the latter still remains to be one of the most necessary forms of digital marketing.

The good thing about imbibing SEO into your trend is its coalition with Content Marketing, PPC campaigns and other significant forms of digital marketing.

With Google frequently updating its search algorithms, SEO as a digital marketing trend can never take a bakseat.

PPC Campaigns

When I vouch for SEO, I vouch for PPC Campaigns too. Neither works well without the other. These two sectors of marketing are interlinked to make a set comeback for a targeted group of audiences.

Having said that, it is also essential to note that consumers are getting smarter to reach out to the best brands. This means, using PPC campaigns naturally (through mobile ads, desktop feeds etc.) may not work significantly as it’s a thing of the past.

Therefore, it’s mandatory that in 2017, your marketing campaigns are comprised of smart ideas that are screened, revised and tested before execution.

Content Marketing

Here comes another long-lasting form of digital marketing, contents that never go out of shape.

Content marketing has, is and always will be the king of digital marketing trends.

The world’s best brands have never taken a backseat when it comes to content marketing but, on the contrary, have tried every possible experiment to make this trend as attractive as before.

For example, here’s what top brands like Rolex, Nike etc. had to do – mix up their creativity with content marketing strategy to produce a rocking content marketing campaign.


Should content marketing be vouched as the ultimate king, then blogs are their territory that ought to be ruled over.

Blogs are your one source of information/bibliophile especially when it comes to learning what clicks for digital marketing.

Top digital marketers that you must follow for this trade are – Neil Patel, Bian Dean, Huspot’s Marketing blog, Kissmetrics, Moz Blog and CMI.

Email Marketing

Did you know that an average users spends 30hours/week checking out his email? This means, Email Marketing, an archaic trend, continues to be an significant trend of digital marketing.

One of the most important resources to keep in touch with your users, Emails have by far, never been replaced by any other digital marketing trend. Be it pictorial, info-graphical or verbal, an email can reach millions in a single touch and state your purpose in a few seconds.

Here’s Hubspot listing some of its top email marketing campaigns that made it to its list – click for more.


Personalized ads/copies work miraculously well with audiences as it makes them feel special.

According to Adweek’s infographic, Segmentation and Personalization drives in more interest than generic form of marketing.

For ex. – personalized emails drive a 6X higher transaction rate than generic emails and 5X-8X on ROI of marketing spend.  Majority of brands, feel and believe that personalization is essential to help in a successful marketing strategy.


Native Ads

Thankfully, even after all the empowerment of digitisation, native ads have never become extinct.

With the advent of social world, native ads have been collectively charged with respect to social media and this, I would say, is a good thing as it always clicks amongst audiences.


Not many brands are aware that gamification actually works for digital marketing.

Gamification enables a sense of fun that has the ability to keep your users glued in. When it comes to digital marketing, gamification plays a key role especially in front end designing and user experience.

For instance, quite recently, while researching for the advantages of gamification as a digital marketing trends, I came across a website called Spent; which is a website/game that allows users to live a virtual life of poverty and make really hard choices.  Five minutes into this game, I realised how glued I had been – Here I am playing a game of poverty, in a website I randomly came across, feeling empathetic and unknowingly increasing the time spent on the site to help its SEO! “See the trick?!”


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