15 Tricks To Generate Leads Without Spending Any Money

December 26, 2016

Many a times, I have witnessed clients asking me to spend as little as possible to generate a myriad of leads for their business.

Although as a marketer I find this annoying at times – I do know, deep down, that its not impossible.

I mean, who can blame them?

At the end of the day you want to spend as little as possible to get the best too! Don’t you?

Technically, in a marketing terminology – lead generation is one of the most lusted word for any business.

In this blog, I am going to show you, elaborately, 15 tricks to generate leads without spending any money from your pockets!

Lets begin.

Engage on SM (Social Media)

Any average digital marketer would definitely understand the importance of being active on social media.

However, the question is are you really as active as you claim?

By being active, I don’t mean posting from time to time. Are your posts really creating any engagement or are they just there, sitting idly, doing nothing? Think about it.

Do you belong to the former? Well, this blog is just for you – read on.

Your ultimate question now would be – so how can I bring on this engagement on social media?

The answer is simple – you involve others!

Every post of yours must be interesting enough to generate an interest among your followers.

For example, when I started writing for my company I noticed the differences in engagement levels for my posts.

One of my posts titled “Social Media Lessons Learnt From Game Of Thrones” did 5X times better than “5 Unique Ways To Maintain SEO Ranking”.

Did you perk up on noticing the “Game of Thrones” title? Well, that’s my answer – Title matters.

Choosing the right title can always help in bringing in more engagement for your posts.

Involve Others On Social Media

Social media is not just a leveraging channel. Its the ultimate destination to generate leads provided you nurture your audiences.

Every post on your social media channel should be targeted to a wider spectrum of audience. Share content from a friend’s timeline – and don’t forget to tag them. Such actions can help them notice you.

Use this free social media content calendar template to manage content easier for your social media channels.

Participate In Groups

Groups have some of the most obedient, like-minded audiences at their disposal.

Share your newsfeeds, posts into these groups and build a conversation to stimulate interest.

Use Optins

Optin is nothing but pop-ups that are triggered at the right time to the right audience.

Typically, optins help you collect information from your leads like their name, emails, number etc.

These are the most fundamental forms of lead generation and have been one of the widely used tricks to generate leads without spending any money!

Wanna know the kind of Optin I use for my blog? Take a look here.

Email Them

Email can never, ever go out of date!

They were, are and will always be the most lucrative means of lead generating for your business.

If you have hibernated your email marketing practice its high time you put it back into good use.

Invoke Comments

Users are never lazy – they might be disinterested in what you are sharing but, they can never leave an interesting topic without perking up some comments.

Make use of their curiosity. Bring in an ad copy which invokes users to leave in a comment.

Open ended questions gain more queries than close-ended as it helps them express their feelings to their fullest satisfaction!

For example – Questions like “What type of car do you have?” can did better than “Do you have a car? If yes, leave a comment below!”

Videos Speak Louder

Video marketing has been gaining a large scope of prominence the last couple of years.

Furthermore, videos are more interesting than reading a long article that’s filled with alphabets! Right?

Cross Channeling

Cross Channel or Omni-Channel marketing is the most upcoming trend in 2017.

Every information that you want to communicate with the mass must be reached out through all forms of channels – desktop, mobile and tablets!

So, is your message cross channel ready?

Go Controversial

Caution! By going controversial I meant for the right reason and with the right attitude.

I recently came across an article titled – “bad word You Startup World – That’s Right I Said It” on Medium that went absolutely controversial for a precise reason – the impact of fast paced startup life on every young individual out there!


What do think sites like Quora, Reddit, Indeed and similar ones are for?!

Community marketing is an upcoming trend online and this must be used to its maximum before its ripped into pieces.

Leverage On Twitter

I have noticed most marketers underestimate Twitter as a platform for digital presence. Well, Twitter is truly beyond that.

Your tweets are not made to inform people – they are made to engage them with content. Target audiences in your niche and encourage a conversation with them.

Identify audience who might make use of your freebies and leverage. Guide them with free e-books, templates to learn and explore. Who won’t be interested?!

Bargain With Your Case Studies

Every lead generated has only one question in mind before they sign up – “Do they have any use from you?”

Prove them right!

Leverage with your strategically proven case studies and show them that you are not a bad catch after-all. Make users believe that collaborating with you/your business is going to be helpful for them in the longer run.

Testimonials Speak Too

Humans always take in another humans suggestion than that of a machines!

Make sure your previously achieved results/ positive feedbacks and testimonials are showcased to the public – after all, a little bit of show off is definitely not going to be any harm to you.

Be Personal

Leads like to be addressed to. Make personal emails/posts that can connect with a group of audience or a specific person.

For instance. An email marketing campaign that uses a receivers “First Name” has a better open rate than a targeted message!

An email with a message tag saying – “Kavya, you will not believe what is in here!” can prompt me to open rather than “You will not believe what is in here!” Get the point?


Last but not the least, the trick is to talk. Be more proactive. Speak your mind out – orally and verbally.

Words always matter when it comes to reaching out.

There have been times when communication through word of mouth has generated leads than paid online advertising. So why miss the chance?!


Although paid advertising gives us leads that could be nurtured significantly, maintaining your digital presence and generating leads organically (without spending any money) should be taken into notice too.

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